Therapist for Acoustic Neuroma Support in Los Angeles

Kate Boswell MFT, Psychotherapy& Counseling, Marina del Rey, Ca. 90292 (310) 658-3158

Has an acoustic neuroma turned your world upside down?

 Are you still reeling from the shock of your acoustic neuroma diagnosis?

Or struggling to cope with the after effects of treatment? 

Are you trying to decide which treatment will help you the most, with the least harm?   

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 Finding out that you have a tumor inside your brain can be confusing and frightening.  You may be on information overload about treatment options. You may be confused by conflicting recommendations from different acoustic neuroma specialist. 

You worry that no matter how much care you put into your treatment choice, the help you get could also hurt you. You worry about ending up with one sided deafness, loss of balance, or facial paralysis and damage to your eye. 

  And then you worry about how any one of these will affect your attractiveness, your ability to work, or perhaps to enjoy life like you used to.

Would you like to find some peace of mind? Would you like to feel more in charge of your life again?

The good news is that you can!  Though it may be hard to believe right now, this crossroads in your life really can be a time of healing. I will help you reduce your stress and find peace of mind.

 This will help you make decisions and take charge. There is a good chance you will even find joy in your life again.

 I had a personal experience with an acoustic neuroma myself. Coping emotionally with fear and change was the hardest part. I found ways not only to cope, but to have a happier life. Now I want to help you.

Take the first step today...

Getting started is the hardest part. You may find that you will start feeling better, once you take the first step and schedule an appointment. Phone counseling is available if you are in California. In person counseling is available in Marina del Rey, Ca.  Call me today at (310) 658-3158 and we can get started.

Kate Boswell is a Los Angeles based psychotherapist. Her office in Marina del Rey is conveniently located for the communities of Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Venice, Westchester, Santa Monica, Inglewood, West Los Angeles, and Culver City. Phone sessions are available if you are in California.  


Kate Boswell      (310) 658-3158      Los Angeles, CA.



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Acoustic Neuroma Association Symposium in Los Angeles 2013

Followup Contact with Presenter Kate Boswell MFT:

  • Kate Boswell MFT gave a presentation on Coping with the Emotional Impact of Acoustic Neuroma.
  • Kate Boswell MFT is available for counseling, to support coping emotionally with acoustic neuroma.
  • She is available for counseling sessions by phone in the state of California.
  • She is available for in person counseling in the Los Angeles area, in Marina del Rey.

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