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An Acoustic Neuroma Book in the Making

Posted by 2bstressfree on May 1, 2009 at 2:48 AM

As May 1st was approaching, it occured to me that would be the nine year anniversary of my acoustic neuroma surgery. I am commemorating this by committing to writing my book. The e-book is in draft form and is called Coping Emotionally with Acoustic Neuroma: from Diagnosis Aftershock to Treatment Aftereffects.


After the immediate recovery period nine years ago, it started feeling like there was a book in me that wanted to come out. I was journaling even when  I couldn't see well yet, and could only scribble and sketch pictures and symbols of my experience.  It was disappointing that the surgery caused some vision troubles, but the inner writer made the best of the tools available.


 Once my eyesight returned,  I continued writing periodically, about the experience and what it taught me. It seemed that my notes might be useful to someone someday. Soon, however, I was back to work and focusing on my career path again. The book stayed in the background of my mind and resurfaced once in a while.


The idea of a book kept resurfacing. It seems like there is a story to tell which will help other people. The "naysayer" in me says "There is no need! People can go to online discussion groups and read lots and lots of stories." The "yes" in me says, "You have a story to share about coping, and as one of the few therapists who have undergone this journey, it is your duty to tell it!"


Then the idea of an e-book came up. That is certainly more do-able than the  Great American Novel I was making it out to be. :D


Here you have it, my committment to completing an e-book early next year. In the meantime, please make use of the tips and thoughts on coping, in this website and blog.


Kate Boswell MFT is a marriage and family therapist in Marina del Rey, CA. She helps people cope with anxiety and face life challenges with confidence. She serves the nearby towns of Playa del Rey, Culver City, Venice, Westchester, and the greater West Los Angeles and South Bay areas. Kate can be reached at 310-658-3158 and


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