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My Philosophy and Style

 My goal is to help you find your own best solution to acoustic neuroma. You are unique. So, we work together to discover the ways that work best for you. 

 I use a holistic approach, tailored to your needs. In general, my approach is a combination of Client Centered Therapy, Stress Reduction Skills Training, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Everyone has the ability to find their own answers from within. It is my job to support you and guide you in finding these answers. 



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 Clients have described me as a gentle and compassionate listener, who is flexible to their preferences. I will introduce techniques and skills for you to practice. If these do not seem right to you, for whatever reason, then we move on to something else. Following are some of the ways we may work together.

Client Centered Counseling

 The Client Centered approach is based on compassionate listening. Sometimes you will need someone to hear your story, or let you express your feelings, without trying to fix things for you.   

 Often it is difficult for family or friends to just listen.  They may want to cheer you up, or give advice to help make the problem go away.  This sometimes happens in acoustic neuroma support groups and online chat groups, too.

 What I bring to the table is the ability to be fully present, and to hear whatever it is you need to express.  Chances are, you may feel a huge sense of relief at being listened to without being judged. This can help pave the way toward "hearing" your own inner wisdom.

Stress Reduction Training

 The shock of learning that you have an acoustic neuroma can be frightening and confusing. It can be very difficult to figure out what to do next. There may be several conflicting medical recommendations, which are ultimately up to you to decide upon.

 Learning natural ways to reduce stress can help you to sort this out. With a relaxed mind and body, it is much easier to decide what steps to take next. 

Many people find that stress management seems to decrease symptoms such as tinnitus, headaches, and balance problems. It can also help in coping with the frustrations of single sided hearing loss or deafness.

 Stress reduction will also help you feel happier and more able to cope. You can feel in charge of your life again. I will present various tools for you to try, and support you in learning them.

  Some of the methods we try may include breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, meditation, guided imagery, and self hypnosis. Clients have stated that they feel really relaxed for the first time, and more able to think clearly. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is based on the idea that our thoughts cause our feelings. In other words, our interpretation of an event or situation will determine how we feel and respond to it.

 Two people in the same situation might react in one of the following two ways: "This is really awful, this should not be, my life is now ruined because of this!" or,  "It is too bad this  happened, and I wish it didn't happen; now let me see how I can get through it."

 Some may even go as far as too add, "Now that this awful thing has happened, let's see if I can use it as an opportunity." They will use it as a springboard to improve something else in their lives.

 In using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we will work together to examine your beliefs about what happened. You can then decide whether it would be better for you to choose a more helpful attitude.


Kate Boswell is a Los Angeles based psychotherapist. Her convenient location in Marina del Rey can be easily accessed from LAX, Westchester, Inglewood, West Los Angeles, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Venice, Culver City, Santa Monica, and the South Bay Cities. Counseling by phone is available if you are anywhere in California.


Kate Boswell     (310) 658-3158    Los Angeles, Ca.


Acoustic Neuroma Association Symposium in Los Angeles 2013

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