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Taught by a Tumor

You may be wondering what my personal inspiration is, for wanting to help people with acoustic neuroma. I myself am an acoustic neuroma survivor. As a therapist and an acoustic neuroma survivor, I am uniquely qualified in my desire and ability to help you.

My acoustic neuroma experience was a difficult one. In fact, it was one of the biggest struggles I have ever had to face in my life. I also learned and grew a lot from it. It  turned out to be one of the most meaningful turning points in my life. You could say it was a gift in disguise, a cloud with a silver lining.

 That period of my life taught me so much about health and healing, and about all the emotional turmoil that health issues can cause. I read a lot and attended seminars, and participated in an association for acoustic neuroma patients. I heard countless stories from people who were emotionally stuggling because of physical challenges. I learned all I could about the mind body connection, and how they both affect each other. I learned how to be persistent in navigating the health care and insurance systems.

After putting this period of life behind me personally, I found myself drawn to wanting to work professionally with people who are feeling overwhelmed by a health concern. People who need more support than they can get through the informational and peer suport groups. People like you, who are reading this because they are looking for something more.  

If you are overwhelmed and shocked by an acoustic neuroma diagnosis, or struggling with an ongoing, chronic situation, I would be honored to help you.

Your journey is unique, and different from mine or anyone else's. Your choices will be personal, and not necessarily the choices I or anyone else would make. My role is to help you find your inner wisdom, to sort things out and figure out what to do.

To learn more about my professional qualifications, see the page called About Me.

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Kate Boswell is a Los Angeles based psychotherapist. Her office in Marina del Rey is conveniently accessed from LAX, Westchester, Inglewood, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, and the South Bay Cities.


Kate Boswell     (310) 658-3158     Los Angeles, Ca.



Acoustic Neuroma Association Symposium in Los Angeles 2013

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  • Kate Boswell MFT gave a presentation on Coping with the Emotional Impact of Acoustic Neuroma.
  • Kate Boswell MFT is available for counseling, to support coping emotionally with acoustic neuroma.
  • She is available for counseling sessions by phone in the state of California.
  • She is available for in person counseling in the Los Angeles area, in Marina del Rey.

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