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Why Counseling?

You may be wondering how the heck counseling can help you with your acoustic neuroma.  After all, you have a physical diagnosis, for something that is NOT "all in your head."  How could counseling possibly help?

The body and mind are connected, and have an effect on one another. When we feel bad physically,  our mental well being can suffer. This can affect our ability to heal from surgery or other treatments, and our ability to participate fully in our chosen course of treatment. 

 Stress, anxiety and depression can also have a negative influence on our imune system, cardiovascular system, and our muscular skeletal system. 

What follows are a few of the problems that counseling can help with:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and confused.
  • Difficulty with making decisions.
  • Loss of  motivation to take actions to support health.
  • Feeling like a failure for loss of ability to stay healthy.
  • Feelings of guilt and shame for changes in abilities or appearance.
  • Loss of  joy for living, leading to wondering "why bother?" 

The above mental states can prevent you from taking actions to support your physical well being. Here are a few examples of negative results:

  • Passively accepting a treatment that does not feel right.
  • Not seeking more information or second opinions.
  • Not comunicating with health providers, to be able to work together as a team.
  • Becoming lonely and isolated from friends and family, who "just don't understand."
  • Not getting what you need from your health and insurance providers, which can take great persistence.
  • Not following helpful assignments given by physical therapists or other providers.  

Some Possible Benefits of Therapy

Counseling is like "therapy for the mind", also known as psychotherapy, when provided by a licensed therapist. Once the mind starts feeling better, there is a carry over to how we care for our bodies.

Here are a few good things that can come out of feeling better mentally:

  • The energy and assertiveness to seek second opinions.
  • Ability to consider available information more clearly.
  • Increased confidence and trust in your intuition and hunches.
  • More meaningful communication with your loved ones.
  • Better ability to get what you need from your health providers.
  • Committment to "homework" recommended by your health practitioners.
  • Daily habit of very pleasant stress reduction practices.   

And a few benefits that can result:

  • An improvement in the quality of your life.
  • Hopefulness for a better future.
  • More tolerance for the unknown, and less fear.
  • Peace of mind, happiness, and joy in living.


Kate Boswell is a Los Angeles based psychotherapist. From her office in Marina del Rey, she is conveniently located near the comunities of Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Venice, Westchester, Inglewood, the LAX area, Santa Monica, Culver City, West Los Angeles, and the South Bay cities.


Kate Boswell     (310) 658-3158     Los Angeles, Ca.





Acoustic Neuroma Association Symposium in Los Angeles 2013

Followup Contact with Presenter Kate Boswell MFT:

  • Kate Boswell MFT gave a presentation on Coping with the Emotional Impact of Acoustic Neuroma.
  • Kate Boswell MFT is available for counseling, to support coping emotionally with acoustic neuroma.
  • She is available for counseling sessions by phone in the state of California.
  • She is available for in person counseling in the Los Angeles area, in Marina del Rey.

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